Join us in Key West!

ADSUM returns to Key West in partnership with Private Label May 3-5th. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Key West style.

This experience is FREE to attend! Expect yachts, seadoos, catamarans, and scooters. You’ll enjoy happy hour drinks and bar crawling down Duvall Street.

Join hundreds of Performance Marketing industry’s top advertisers, affiliates, agencies

Mark your calendar for May 3rd-5th. Sponsoring inquires are welcome, contact for more details.


Traveling to Key West

Key West International Airport

Airport Code Key: EYW

ADSUM Key West shares a simple warm-hearted motto: ONE HUMAN FAMILY How does ONE HUMAN FAMILY apply to a group of performance marketers you might wonder? At every event gathering or trade show there is a pressure to connect and enhance your business. Key West is a different sort of event, with a different sort of mission. To enjoy this experience, understand this:

  • We are all different and unique.
  • We are all equal in value.
  • We are all created to work together.
  • Although we appear separate, we are all linked to – and a part of – each other.

There are some rules for ADSUM Keyesta’18:

Rules for Everyone

  1. Get to know your fellow ADSUM’ers as a friend.
  2. Yes, the event has been around for years. Yes, it’s grown and changed. Approach it with an open mind and get to know some new people. There will be plenty of opportunity to form smaller groups. View this as a chance to make new friends AND reconnect with old ones.
  3. There is no “us vs them” at ADSUM (i.e. Affiliate, Advertiser, Agency, Vendor).

Rules for Vendors

  1. Resist the urge to pull out your business card and start figuring out how you can “increase someone’s revenue’s”.
  2. Networks, stop looking at all those juicy advertisers like they are “spenders.” Yes, you have cap. Everyone knows that. Stop trying to “fill it.”
  3. I promise you, when you follow up with your new friend AFTER the event, you will see the value of the event 10x. Take a page out of GaryV’s book. Provide VALUE while you are connecting with people. Ask HOW you can help someone. Then help someone out.
  4. One way to provide some value is to wine and dine the Affiliates and Advertisers that show up. Team up with another company, be a Sea or Land partner.

Keyesta’18 Partners