ADSUM 2017 Attendee Registration Opening Soon

That’s right! Registration is coming early this year. Later this month, we’ll release the registration for super early bird discounts.

We had 300 attendees last year, but this year we are limiting attendance to 500. Only the best of the best! We Are the ADSUM 500!

Check out some of the awesome footage from last year’s event:

Heads-Up: A Few Major Changes from Last Year

  1. We’re collecting a couple of key pieces of information from everyone so that we can help coordinate groups of advertisers by their size and match advertisers seeking specific help or services with providers. Veteran advertisers are interested in talking to other veterans’ newbies of course want to talk to everyone. And vendors want to pitch their services to everyone as well. We had a good ratio last year of about 60/40 advertisers/vendors. This year will be more exclusive for vendors to participate.

  2. We have some exciting activities coming. Imagine sitting in a natural spring hot tub with other industry players to ease away the effects of the high altitude. Consider the excitement and fun you’ll have when you are carving up the snow on the back of snowmobiles with a group of your peers. All it takes is one solid marketing nugget to pay for the price of the trip and then some. I learned a ton early on in my career because of these types of encounters, and I know you will, too!

  3. We have some amazing speakers lined up, too — talking about how to add quality video content to your company, how to add significant revenue by adding Amazon as a marketing channel, using the latest analytics and tools to optimize your campaigns for maximum profit, and more.

  4. We’ll also have invitation-only and private rooms for groups set up by providers in the space. Some of these gatherings will be war story style customer round tables, as well as customer appreciation style lounges for more casual networking, which are always a big hit.

Limited Vendor Participation

We are also limiting vendor participation. There are two big rules for vendors this year:

  1. Vendors cannot attend without sponsoring.
  2. Vendors must cross-promote the event to participate.

It’s not just for fair for some vendors to support the event and others to poach off it. This year, we are sticklers for collaboration. We created an environment of collaboration for advertisers. Now we’re creating an environment of collaboration for the rest of the industry. This is an event unlike any other; there is no room for “takers.” At ADSUM, everyone is a “giver.”