ADSUM Certified Affiliate Networks

We have had two ADSUM Industry Advisor meetings so far — both of which have purposefully been limited to the Affiliate Networks within the ADSUM community.

The major issue being discussed is how to add more clear and conspicuous disclosure to offer pages across-the-board. So far, our ideas are fairly well aligned with the principles that Clickbooth has published for desktop and mobile pages, and we would like to use these principles as a foundation and baseline for the industry to adopt.

During these initial discussions, we’ve had representation and support from the following networks:
Above All Offers, Affiliati, Deluxe Ads, Convert2Media, Mobooka, MaxBounty, Clickbooth, AdExchange, Jumbleberry, Advidi, Direct Focus.

These networks have agreed to extra diligence and support the effort to raise the bar across he industry.

Multiple attempts to contact representatives from Oasis have gone ignored.