ADSUM Founder Interview – What Are The Drawbacks to ADSUM?

What Are The Drawbacks to ADSUM?

Lets play devil’s advocate for a second: If I go to ADSUM and I give away my secrets to somebody who’s in the same exact business as me who’s probably selling a competitive product is that gonna hurt me?

You choose your own interaction. You choose what comes out of your mouth and if you wanna go to one of these events and you want to lurk quietly in the back of the panels and to sit quietly at the corner of the bar and observe and say nothing then that’s your right to do so. I would challenge you that I think that if you open up a little bit you’re gonna get a whole lot more in return. That’s just the way that I’ve always done business but I don’t really see that as a drawback.

Here’s another potential objection: it’s during the holiday season.

So it’s right after Thanksgiving. I think it’s a great time because I’ve seen that usually after Black Friday in the online space, a lot of the retail big brands push a lot of advertising dollars through Facebook and Google, and that tends to squeeze out some of the smaller online businesses and drive up the price of clicks for affiliates, so many times affiliates will take that time off because their campaigns aren’t as profitable or not profitable at all.

I actually think it’s really good timing but I could see someone arguing that logistically it’s too close to Christmas or it’s too close to Thanksgiving or it’s too far away. But I think that those are all very menial objections and that compared to some of the other shows that are out there, there’s some that are internationally held during a similar time frame to fly out across either the oceans costs… That ticket alone will cost more than the entire event including hotels in Aspen. So I think that it’s a pretty affordable option for people and I’m doing everything I can to give them as much value as I can because I want it to be pristine.

Aspen is a very family friendly town, I’d encourage anyone that’s coming to bring their spouses or families to enjoy the numerous activities for them during the event. It’s a great way to include their family in this unique business we are all in.

Here’s another objection: Affiliate World is going on at the same time

For people who are more interested in the affiliate side of affiliate marketing as opposed to the advertising and the product side of affiliate marketing, I think they’ll be more drawn to that show than ours. I’ve spoken to Loz Green the organizer of Affiliate World to see if we can coordinate next year, but ultimately we are targeting different segments of Affiliate Marketing. Their conference is overseas, I went last year so I know attendees are gonna have to spend a sizeable amount just traveling to get themselves over there. It’s cheap once you get there but then again it’s getting there and back and staying in your hotels and all your meals and that sort of stuff. Those destinations are meant to bait tourists too to spend some money. Anyone that is serious in this industry that I think wants to find value, wants to increase their communication, to increase the size of their network, this is a pre-eminent opportunity for them to go and to do this networking.

Here’s another objection: It’s too expensive!

An added bonus I’m doing is creating discounts and benefits for the attendees, like AAA. Attendees of ADSUM will get exclusive discounts on credit card processing, CRMs, fulfillment companies etc that will be 10 times the amount that the cost of the ticket represents. Remember, this is the first time this many advertisers are organized and drawn together, there has been a remarkable amount of interest from the sponsors, service providers and vendors in the industry to offer discounts and group pricing. So the more of us that gather and show the rest of the industry that we stand together, the more benefit we can benefit from shaping the future of the industry.

This is gonna be a unique event, I think it’s competitively priced. People that just wanna go to the trade show, the Tycoon Saloon, it’s only $250 for early bird so that’s pretty dang cheap. I think it would be silly to just come to Aspen for the Tycoon Saloon, but that’s an option available to the public.

– Nate