ADSUM Founder Interview – What Will I Miss?

You might be thinking “I’d love to go to ADSUM, but it’s right in the middle of the holidays… what am I missing out on if I skip it?” We talked to ADSUM’s founder, Nate Lind, to find out more.

Making Connections

“When I started this business, I didn’t know what the hell I was doing – and I KNEW I didn’t know what I was doing,” Nate says. He asked everybody he could find for advice. “I’m the youngest of six – I’ve been asking my older brothers and sisters for advice my whole life.”

Nate went about networking the long way because “There are no college courses, no guide book, for how to do this business.” He created ADSUM as the ‘curriculum’ he wished he had access to.

“We’ll be writing the college curriculum in five or ten years, when we’re done.”

Insider Information

“I would much rather learn from someone else’s mistakes and successes than just entirely on my own,” Nate says. “There are a lot of great lessons that come from the school of hard knocks, but if I can learn a lesson from somebody else, then man, that’s worth a whole lot of money.”

Networking face-to-face with experienced insiders means you have a contact you can go to when you have questions or problems, which means saving time, effort, and potentially saving yourself from critical business mistakes.

“I made these connections because I had to, and fast,” Nate explains. “I would have jumped at the opportunity to attend an event that helped me do all the networking I had to do at events that weren’t designed for me. I definitely put in my hours. I now have people who have been in the industry way longer than I have coming to me for advice.”

Member Perks

As an added bonus, ADSUM members have access to exclusive discounts and benefits, with credit card processors, CRMs, and fulfillment companies. Thes discounts equal out to  10 times the amount  the ticket costs. Additionally, we have deals with local merchants, restaurants, and spas that help make ADSUM a luxe experience around the holidays, not a stressful one.

All in all, having the opportunity to network with the people you need to network with in a space created for you is a priceless experience, translating to far less stress and greater profits for you overall.

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