ADSUM Founder Interview – What’s Different About ADSUM?

What’s Different About ADSUM?

I think it’s the answer to a problem that has existed in an affiliate marketing for a dozen years. I think that this fills a need where the advertiser, who is the top of the food chain, who has all the accountability, all the liability, all the risk and only some of the financial reward that comes from owning products that are being sold online. It gives advertisers a place, and time and an opportunity to have an event that’s focused on them and that’re specific to them.

Previous meetups and events have been done in specific locations that result in “organic collisions” between people. And what I mean by that is walking from one small, quaint restaurant to the next in downtown Aspen or downtown Key West on Duval Street gives the opportunity for people to run into each other in an organic way, and to sit and talk or to just wave and pass by. It gives advertisers a way to interact or not interact as they see fit. But these destinations are very close-knit, small communities, and where all of the action and activities are all held very closely together.

I think the uniqueness of the event itself and the venue of the event itself is pretty cool. Saturday we’ve got the St. Regis Hotel is our venue for all the panels. The hotel is amazing. The lobby and bar area are big and comfortable which will undoubtedly be a hot spot for people to meet up and chat in the mornings or evenings. There’s a really cool spa downstairs, so attendees can send their significant other down there for the day or treat themselves in the mornings. The St Regis is right on the bottom of the mountain with a gondola that runs during the day, that takes people to the top of the mountain for skiing or snowboarding. That’s kind of our premier venue for what most activities going on on Saturday and then on Sunday we’re at the Hotel Jerome.

Hotel Jerome just a couple of blocks away, which is the oldest hotel in Aspen. It was built in 1889 and literally for a period of time in Aspen’s history, it was the one and only residential space for all of the inhabitants once the market fell out of the silver market, and a lot of miners moved away and it was after that, in the early 1900s where the place was rediscovered again by a famous skier who told the elite Hollywood stars that it boasted the best skiing in the country that was only rivaled by the Alps. Those Hollywood stars started to go up and visit it. Today, years later the fact that there are four ski mountains, within 15 minutes of downtown Aspen all of which are well-known ski slopes makes it a very appealing option for skiing. It’s certainly a skier and snowboarder’s haven.

The ski school in Aspen is the only one in the country that guarantees if a student takes 3 days worth of classes they will transition from green to blue slopes confidently. The ski school also caters to children and young adults learning as well.

On Friday night when people get in, the opening reception is on the top of the mountain. We’re having gondolas taking people all the way up to the top of the mountain, right there in downtown Aspen. So, you walk over to the gondola from your hotel which is half a block away and then take the gondola up to the top of the mountain and there’s this giant Meade Hall looking building at the top of the mountain that has always gorgeous woodwork and this really cool vibe and atmosphere and from up there we’ll have our opening reception and people will be able to hang out and see all of the lights of Aspen, which will be lit up in Christmas lights. It’ll look magical.

– Nate