ADSUM Founder Interview – Why is ADSUM Better?

How is ADSUM Better Than The Competition?

The status quo right now is that most of the industry goes to the same trade shows or no shows at all, they have the same complains about how the trade shows aren’t really focused to them. They just serve as an anchor for everyone to go to at one given point in time and meet up. So this is, I think a different attempt at creating a value for advertisers, of the 5500 or 6000 some odd attendees at some of these other bigger trade shows, let’s say maybe a tenth of that are advertisers, so 500 advertisers.

The idea of this event is to be boutique, is to be specific, it’s to be unique and different and to provide value that has measurable and tangible results on these individual businesses, whereas, these other trade shows are either focused towards affiliates or focused towards big brands and not focusing on the small to mid size online business owner.

There are some folks who go to no events and for them, maybe that works out fine, but what I’ve seen and whom I’ve talked to over the years of owning my own business online or doing real estate, is that the more that you communicate, the wealthier you will be and the more that you give, the more that you receive. It’s the golden rule at play. You can keep pointing back to how wide your network is has a direct correlation to your success.

The more isolated you are, I think the more harm you’re doing to your own business and I think many of these business owners are isolated not because of their own choosing, but because of lack of options and I think we give them an option to be able to choose to come out to an event and mingle and network with other like-minded individuals who are just as interested in meeting them as they may be in meeting each other and to find out that you know what, even though this is somewhat of a competitive space, it’s kinda like stockroom traders on a trading floor.

Yes, there’s competition between them but the market is so big that even the entire floor of Goldman Sachs are not moving the S&P 500 all by themselves and it’s very similar in our space. The number of online transactions that are are occurring are gargantuan. And so for all of these different online merchants and advertisers to get together, there’s really a lot of conservations that occur about operations, about credit card processing, about quality control and quality assurance that happen organically.

I’ve even witnessed and partcipated in competitive conversations about specific techniques with customers converting on sales funnels and doing sales funnel hacks, and dissecting sales funnels, and up-sells and down-sells and cross-sells and backend optimization of outbound calling and emailing and all those various techniques and tactics.

Those types of conversations occur for this competitive group. Another way of saying it is like realtors all within the same brokerage. Sure they’re all in competition with each other but there’s gonna be homeowners that identify better with one realtor over the next, and it doesn’t matter how strong realtor number two is, realtor number one maybe got that deal because of their relationship and their rapport with that homeowner to try to get that listing and sell that house.

– Nate