Here’s a little story about how Adsum came to be and why… In May 2016, I’m in Key West, on an 80 ft yacht, and with all my industry friends. By all accounts, I should be having the time of my life. But I’m not. Because I’m in the middle of shaking things up in my industry. Up until then, I’d just been doing my own thing, but now I’m pushing our industry in a new direction, one that I believed would help it mature out of the wild west that it was at the time. But I have this sinking feeling, that my pushing might fail and that I might ruin a lot of friendships.

This was the idea:  My industry is made up of advertisers, affiliates, and vendors. I’m an advertiser, I sell products directly to consumers. When I’d go to marketing events it was the affiliates that were put on a pedestal – the affiliates were the ones wined and dined. What bothered me was that the entire industry eats off of the advertiser’s plate, including the affiliate.

The advertisers were treated like second class citizens.

So my idea was to gather all the advertisers at one grand event to share war stories – and let the industry us wine and dine us for once because of how much money we generate for them. Sounds pretty good right? Balancing the scales for advertisers. Call me crazy, I saw it as fighting an injustice.  But it was a major change – I was trying to balance a shift in power and money – so I got push back from the industry. Some liked the idea. Others hated it. It’s how I learned the truth of that quote that sorta goes “Good ideas at first, are ridiculed. Second, they are violently opposed. Third, they are accepted and everyone wonders why it hasn’t happened before.” It’s true, people resist change.

So this is why I had the sinking feeling on that yacht in Key West. I was unsure if it would work out.

But I went ahead with the idea, and this is why Adsum, the event was born. By the time we announced it, a month later, the outpouring of interest was so large, that we had to find a bigger venue. All of the top sponsorships sold out in 72 hours. Our first event went amazing and this year will be the second, and of course, we’re making it even better.

– Nate