Why the ADSUM Community Is Relevant For Your Business


For an exhibitor or an attendee, not being at an event can sometimes be a signal of business health. Miss an event and, rightly or wrongly, the rumors may begin about your company not being financially stable enough to be there. This is far worse for exhibitors than regular industry attendees, but it still goes to show that perception is sometimes more real than reality itself. I know of several rather large manufacturers that passed on trade shows in recent years, deeming them no longer worth the expense, only to return after a brief hiatus in order to reestablish themselves in the mind of the industry.


Email, conference calls and Skype are all great, but there’s nothing like running into someone at an event for a conversation about what’s really going on behind the scenes. Or, to discover an application for a product previously unthought-of. Sometimes just a single gem of information gleaned during a show aisle-side conversation is worth the trip.


Once again, while electronic communications make today’s business world go around, there’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting to get things done. Unexpected opportunities present themselves all the time on a show floor that just aren’t there when you’re back in the office.


After you’ve been in an industry for a while, you’ve probably made a lot of friends. It’s a good bet that the only time you see them is at a trade show. I know lots of people that go to shows specifically for that one reason. It’s not the best way to keep in touch, but it’s better than none at all. The Best ADSUM companies make friends with their customers and are establishing relationships that are deeper than invoices and Skype communications.

Leading Edge Content

Keep your professional toolkit ahead of the curve with sessions from leading industry experts and educators. Get all the insight and ideas you need to keep you up-to-date in today’s digital economy.

Year-Round Learning

Your ticket includes access to the ADSUM Slack community where hundreds of marketers are constantly talking about issues and challenges they are experiencing and overcoming. This thriving chat community is the best place to stay plugged in throughout the year for incredible insights and continue to allow people to connect with each other.


Meet potential customers, vendors, expert resources, friends and colleagues. ADSUM is designed to maximize your time networking and meeting the people who are important to you.

Team Benefits

ADSUM events are more powerful when you attend as a team. We offer great discounts and onsite benefits for groups of 3 or more. Hit us up at [email protected] for more info.

Stay in Touch with the Office

Tell your boss, there’s free wifi and several built in phone breaks so you can still keep any key office initiatives moving right along while learning the latest digital strategies.


Want ROI? For just a few hundred bucks, ADSUM can be 4-6x less than similar conferences that don’t offer as much content, networking or extras!

Included in Registration

Aside from a boatload of leading edge content, enjoy open bars, receptions, coffee breaks galore (for maxing your networking time), plus fun swag items.